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La Segunda Piel

A story by Giacomo Vesprini


“Vi sobre el mar una luz violeta; era violeta el aire, el mar, los riscos… No he vuelto a ver nada como lo que vi aquella tarde”
Jose Saramago


In the north-east part of the island of Lanzarote, inside the Chinijo Archipelago National Park, is La Caleta de Famara: a small town with just over 1000 inhabitants.

The Riscos de Famara closes the beach on the west side, while to the east is the Town to mark the end of this tongue of gold sand wich turns darker as it gets closer to the ocean.

This dark color is due to the 1730 eruption of the Timanfaya volcano: after this eruption the physiognomy of the entire island of Lanzarote has changed.

The particular weather conditions make the beach of Famara ideal for practicing sports such as surfing, windsurfing and kitesurfing; that’s why every year many surfers come to this town. The various surf schools in Famara also allow the inexperienced to practice these sports.

The experienced surfers prefer to surf alone, take their time before starting the session. It is not uncommon to see them intent on finding the right concentration, with specific exercices or just remaining still to observe the sea and the waves going.

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iN-SiDE project


The iN-SiDE project was created by our photographer Giacomo Vesprini with the intention to make a space where he could work exclusively on his street images. It is an ongoing project, the most significant and personal photographic work to date. It is a sort of container, a filter through which he assess what is interesting to him. His intent is to combine the street photography approach with some aspects of the surrealism. What he is really looking for is to get people questioning (him at first) what they’re seeing rather than providing answers.

All pictures are printed on Canson Infinity Platine Fibre Rag 310 G/M2 – Satin

Quotation on request. Contact us to order your copy

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