Welcome to the captivating world of the Krupers!

We are Marco and Giacomo,
come to meet us and what we’re all about at Krup Studio.

I’m Giacomo Vesprini

A photographer, an observer of human beings.

I was headed toward a life as a psychologist, but after my degree at Florence University, I decided to follow another dream: be a photographer.
Now I work as a Documentary & Wedding Photographer in Krup Studio, plus I am a member of 2 important Wedding Photography Association: Fearless Photographers and ANFM

My work has been displayed in some of the most important photography festivals in the World, like Photolondon, Miami Street Photography Festival, San Francisco, Milan, and Brussels.

I bring my documentary and candid approach to wedding photography, providing my couples with unforgettable memories.

I’m Marco Romandini


Wedding Videographer,  deeply in love with my family and my Son, Michelangelo.

I have had some very curious experiences in my life, like that day when, in a market in Florence, I came across a Mexican pig and had the idea for the name of the studio.

One of my main goals is to travel as much as I can, and I can say that my work is pretty much helping me with this!


We work with unique couples that
are looking for amazing Wedding
Photos and Films.

We can mix the documentary side of photography with a more editorial approach

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