An Elegant Wedding in Italy


May 12




It’s been 10 years since Giorgio moved to London from a small town in Le Marche Region.

People who lives in this area of Italy tends to have an unbreakable bond with this region.

So 10 years after, Giorgio, which in the meantime deeply fell in love with Tiffany,

decided to come back to where he belongs to celebrate their wedding.

Wedding Venue | Villa Vinci

Catering | Top Catering

Hair and Make up | La Boutique Make Up 

Music | Ottoni Animati 

The Tea Ceremony is a well known Chinese custom.

Tiffany was wearing a beautiful red chinese dress

that belonged to her Grandma before her.

Giorgio got ready at his parents’ Home,

surrounded by his beautiful Nieces and Relatives.

The Location where Tiffany got ready was Palazzo Romani Adami,

an ancient Palace in the heart of Fermo.

The Ceremony was held in the beatuiful Crypt of the Cathedral

of Fermo and was very touching.

After the Ceremony, Sicilian Band Ottoni Animati

led them to the stunning Villa Vinci,

right in front of the Fermo Cathedral.

Given that we had some extra time, together with Tiffany and Giorgio

we decided to have a walk and in the meantime take some

portrait shots at Villa Vinci at the sunset.

The Dinner at Villa Vinci has been one of the best part of the day,

everyone was so happy to be with Tiffany and Giorgio in such a special occasion..

Giorgio’s Bestman, David, made some investigation about Giorgio’s Childhood

and found out that the very first blanket of Giorgio had been sewn by the mother:

It represented a Chinese Girl on a rickshaw.

Somehow Giorgio and Tiffany’s fate had been written some 30 years ago.

After the Dinner, masterfully prepared by Top Catering,

the Ottoni Animati made us dance like crazy till 4 am.

A proper ending, I’d say.

“A Country is needed, if not for the pleasure of leaving.
A Country means not being alone,
knowing that in the people, in the plants,
in the earth there is something that belongs to you,
that even when you are not there
is still waiting for you to come back.”

Cesare Pavese

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